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Adopted Values


We adopt the "Principles of Basaveshwara for Corporate Prosperity".

Basaveshwara, was a 12th Century Philospher, Statesman, Reformer of Society and has huge number of followers in South India.

He was initially a Treasurer and then became prime minister in Kingodm of Kalyana (Northern part of Karnataka). With his teachings he made the Kingdom to prosper.

We adopt the main principles from his teachings to our organization as a whole and an individual employee for the benefit of clients.

  • Philosophy of "Work is Worship "
  • Philosophy of "Integrity" (Truthness straight from heart)
  • Concept of Bhakti (Dedication and Devotion in whatever we do)
  • Concept of Anubhava Mantap: Parliament of Experience " Knowledge sharing for the benefit of our clients"
  • Concept of Daasoha: Sharing and Charity - As a ognaization we take a non-greedy approach and also mentor employees to become socially responsible Business Leaders.