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The following is a sample list of types of Industries we have supported and have in-depth experience. However the list is not exhaustive, please contact us if you feel there is a component of predictive analytics or predictive modeling is necessary.

Financial Markets

Predictive Research is Quant focused company and has several products and services for Financial Markets.  Strengths of company include the rich experience in building products that  can be used by Analysts for Data Analysis and Prediction.

Banking Industry

Predictive Research offers variety of products and services for Banking Data Analytics, starting from identifying the high value banking customers ( Fuzzy Clustering Tool) and services like partnering in building risk models, fraud detection, etc.

Retail Industry

Our offerings include the products like Cause and Effect Finder and services like customer segmentation based on RFM modeling, customer data analysis and life time value, etc.

Pharma Industry

Predictive Research specializes in the open source tools like R, Scilab, Octave which are fast replacing the highly expensive Commercial Analytics tools in this Industry.  We can provide chemo-informatics data analysis, and predictive models for reducing the time for drug discovery (virtual screening).

Web log Data Analytics

We have capability to process the click-through data collected through web and build the models for browser behavior and browsers buying intent.